Three Things To Look For In Your MBA Admissions Consultant

As we come closer to the first round of MBA program application deadlines, many candidates are seeking the advice and support of an MBA Admissions Consultant to create MBA applications that earn admission to top MBA programs. 

Luckily for MBA applicants, there are many MBA Admissions Consultants available to turn to for help. From large organizations to boutique operations, there’s an MBA Admissions Consultant to fit your needs. 

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The investment in an MBA Admissions Consultant is not cheap. It’s a sizable financial commitment for most applicants. Therefore, it is important to identify some critical selection criteria to help you find the best MBA Admissions Consultant for your applications. 

Of all of the characteristics you seek in an MBA Admissions Consultant, I believe the three below are the most important: 

You want an MBA Admissions Consultant who has a deep level of expertise in the field of MBA Admissions and the business school industry as a whole. Every MBA program has a different reputation and a unique student profile (GMAT, GPA, etc.). Business schools continue to expand MBA offerings to include Executive MBA, Professional MBA, in addition to the traditional full-time MBA. The bottom line is that MBA programs are not “one size fits all.” Your consultant should be someone who understands the different nuances of program type, the reputations of the programs you are considering, and how your profile fits with the schools you are targeting. 

Furthermore, your MBA Admissions Consultant should not be a “yes man” (or “yes woman,” as the case may be). An MBA Admissions Consultant who tells every client that they can get into Harvard Business School is wasting the client’s time and money. So, look for a consultant who encourages you to take a realistic view of your chances for admissions, and encourages you to consider schools that are a good fit for your professional and academic profile. 

Time is a valuable commodity when it comes to the MBA admissions process. You need an MBA Admissions Consultant who will respond quickly with the information you need. Whether it is a quick question about a part of the application, or a return edit on your application essays, you should be certain to hire a consultant who turns around your materials quickly. 

Ability To Listen – AND – Read Between The Lines 
In my years of experience in working with MBA applicants, I know well that applicants often come into the application process knowing that they want an MBA, but not necessarily having all of the details mapped out. One of my career services friends always said, “An MBA place is not the place to find yourself. You better come in here knowing what you want to do!” 

A good MBA Admissions Consultant will listen to you, and learn more about your professional and personal goals. Because they have expertise in MBA programs, they’ll be able to guide you to MBA programs that are a good fit for you. And, they’ll be able to help you close the gaps on the areas where you are undecided. 

In the end, the relationship between you and your MBA Admissions Consultant is an important business partnership. Take the time you need to go through several initial consultations until you find the MBA Admissions Consultant who can deliver expertise, responsiveness, and guidance you need to make your MBA application the best it can be.

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