Social Media and Your MBA Application

Some clients ask me why social media is so important. It’s a simple matter of relationships. Let me explain. 

  • Employers are important to business schools, because employment at graduation and three months following graduation are metrics upon which MBA programs are measured and ranked. 
  • Social media is important to employers (as evidenced by this survey). It’s used to identify possible candidates, assess fit and uncover red flags early in the process. 
  • Because social media is important to employers, it is important to MBA programs – specifically the admissions team. 
  • If there’s something in your social media profile that can prevent you from being employed, it may also prevent you from being admitted from the MBA Program of your choice.

My Takeaways From This Information

  • LinkedIn is the king of the professional set in social media. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is strong, professional and robust. 
  • Clean up your other social media accounts – in particular, Facebook and Twitter. Look at the last section of the infographic for details on what items are of concern. 
  • Also of note, strong political or religious perspectives on a social media account can cause an employer to be wary of you as a candidate. So, proceed with caution on these kinds of posts.
  • Including information on your volunteer work and charitable donations creates a significantly more positive impression with employers. So, get involved with local charities, and post about it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But do it in a professional manner, of course!

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